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Issue Management and Model Comparison Improvements

Archicad 24 Update 2 brought a few improvements in the area of issue management and handling changes in the project. Read this article to learn the details.

Custom Defined Issue Tag: Type

Categorize your issues by Type. Applying the Type tag to the issues enables a more sophisticated issue classification and sorting. The Type tag is compatible with BCF 2.1. The Type tag can be defined and applied similarly to the existing Priority and Status tags.

Better Overview in Issue History

For any given Issue, the Issue History panel shows all the modifications to Issue data.

As of AC 24 Update 2, each new item in Issue History shows only the changed parameter (instead of all the Issue data), so it is easy to see what has changed and when. The latest changes are listed on top, earlier changes are listed below. You don’t have to scroll down to see the latest changes.

Use Model Compare to Handle Changed Openings

Opening elements (e.g. created for MEP ductwork) are listed in Model Compare window as changed elements, and can be added to an Issue. This way openings are well integrated into the change and issue management workflow.

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